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LISTEN - Step 1 in Adding Humor to your Presentation

Feb 10, 2023
Listen - Step 1 How to add Humor to your Presentation  Pic by saeed-karimi-unsplash

 In the previous blog, L.A.U.G.H. - The Formula for Adding Humor to your Presentation, I outlined 5 powerful steps to help you add the funny to your speech and presentation. 

These were: 

L = Listen

A = Anecdote

U = Uncomfortable

G = Google

H = Hee Hee Hee to Ho Ho Ho


Today, we look at the first one - "Listen" in a bit more detail.

Note that "Listen" here is a short cut for capturing and recording anything humorous that you see, heard, read etc.

If you hear something funny or say something that gets people laughing or smile, "Listen" to what you said or heard and pop it into your notepad

If you see something funny, take a note of it.

If you read something funny, capture it. If you're on a PC / laptop / phone, that is relatively easy to do. If reading a book or magazine, options include taking a photo or scanning in some way. Alternatively, jot a few key points about the article in your notepad.

Here's a few items I have captured in the past week. Some of them are so-so funny, some you might not appreciate because maybe you had to be there, others need a bit of work. I don't know if I will ever use any of these or when, but I now have them ready if the opportunity ever arises.

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Conversation with my bride, Pat.

As my darling bride, Pat, was going out the door, she said "If you are going out, the window upstairs is open." to which this smart-ass replied "Can I not go out the front door?" !!!!!

That is just a simple type of shorthand conversation that married couples might have, but I am pretty sure that I will use that in some presentation when I'm talking about clear communication or (maybe) the lack of it.

If I hadn't popped it into my Notes almost as soon as it happened (My wife groans when I do this) I would not remember it.

Twitter comment

"He's so dumb he couldn't spell U.S.A". 

This is hardly a new line but it is funny, it is very descriptive, so I popped it into my notes. Other versions of this might include: "He's so dumb, he couldn't spell CNN / USSR/ CDC etc.

The fact that it is an old format will not not take away from the humorous impact if you use it in the right context. I  could see myself using this for instance when describing a pretty hopeless boss I had years ago or maybe a public figure you might wish to ridicule. NOTE: Be careful who you make fun of. The golden rule is "Punch Up, Don't Punch Down." You are hoping to engage your audience via humor, so don't be cruel or nasty. That will NOT engage your audience.


How you might use this line in a presentation.

Let's say, you're doing a program on Leadership. We have all had poor bosses over the years and maybe sometimes we might have even been that boss!

You could say "I once had a boss that was so dumb he couldn't spell U.S.A." It would likely get a smile, but what does it say about you as the presenter? You quite likely would come across as being unlikeable and maybe arrogant.

However, if you were to address the phrase to the audience and say something like "We've all had bad bosses over the years. Some of you have had a boss that couldn't even spell U.S.A." I guarantee that will get a laugh because the vast majority of the audience will be able to relate to it and personalize it to their own situation.

 Now, let's recap. How did we get to writing about someone who can't spell AZ?  Because I had seen a similar reference at some stage, thought it was funny, I "Listened" and captured it. You can do the same. Don't worry about when you will use it to make your speech funnier. Just capture it and have it ready when you need it.

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Coming soon, to the same channel is more on  L.A.U.G.H. - The Formula for Adding Humor to your Presentation,

L = Listen

A = Anecdote

U = Uncomfortable

G = Google

H = Hee Hee Hee to Ho Ho Ho


Hope you find these blogs helpful. Stay safe and ...........

Keep On, Keepin' ON!

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